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I Heart Fats

Learn why fats are so important to our health and which ones can handle the heat from cooking. This post is a summary taken directly from Caroline Barringer's invaluable document, Fats: Safer Choices for your Frying Pan and Your Health

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Carne Fría (Abby's)

When planning a long vacation, it's tradition that my family plan some meals in advance. Abby, my grandmother, holds all our favorite Cuban recipes. I asked for her help when planning our 2 week Bahama trip where most of it would be spent on the boat diving, fishing and island hopping. In doing so, we made one of my favorite snack foods called Carne Fría. This is the perfect snack to cut up on the boat with some crackers and fresh lime squeezed on top. 

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Liquid Gold

"Bone Broth Will Resurrect The Dead"  -South American Proverb.

There's a reason why your grandmother made you chicken soup when you were ill. The truth is traditionally prepared soups really do boost your immune system and make you feel better. When I say "traditionally prepared" I'm referring to a time before bullion cubes existed where bones were used to make the base of soups. The benefits of bone broth are extensive; with it's high concentration of protein, collagen, glycine and minerals. These nutrients aid in digestion, joint health, detoxification and mineral intake.

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