Carne Fría (Abby's)

carne fria

When planning a vacation my family has always planned meals in advance. Abby, my grandmother, holds all of our favorite Cuban recipes. I asked for her help when planning our 2-week Bahama trip where most of it would be spent on the boat diving, fishing and island hopping. In doing so, we made one of my favorite recipes called Carne Fría. This is the perfect snack to cut up on the boat with some crackers and fresh lime squeezed on top. 



1 lb ground beef
1 lb ground pork
1 lb ground ham
0.5-1 lb sausage
5 cloves garlic
1 yellow onion, chopped fine
fresh oregano
fresh thyme
6 eggs beaten (6-8 more for breading)
garlic salt




Mix all the meat, garlic, onion, eggs and seasoning together in a large bowl. Then start adding breadcrumbs and work through.

Once it's all mixed to your liking, separate out 12 - 15 balls of meat so you can ensure they are evenly distributed. Once formed, you can begin to roll them out into meat logs about 2.5 inches thick and just long enough to fit on aluminum foil with space on the ends to twist them securely closed. 


Roll each log in egg then coat with crumbs, twice. Place on aluminum foil and wrap it tightly with two pieces, twisting up the edges to ensure they are in there tightly. 

Place them on a baking pan and cook on 400* for 20 minutes. 

Pull them out and let cool on counter, then place them in the freezer. 

Take them out and leave on counter about an hour before you eat.

Slice the pieces of meat thinly and place on a cracker. You can serve with lime wedges, hot sauce and perhaps some hard boiled eggs sliced thin. It's up to you!