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Almond Crackers

If you make almond milk on the regular then you've probably been asking yourself “What should I do with all this leftover almond pulp?”  If you’ve been asking this question every few days as you make your fresh almond milk, rest assured you’re not the only one.  As it turns out many people are wondering the same thing.  I know some who have been making milk for years now and still haven’t come up with a recipe to utilize the leftover, rather expensive almond meal.  In my last post that I did on almond milk I left you hanging for a recipe.  Well, here is one I found for simple almond crackers.  When I say simple, I mean it.  This recipe calls for just 3 ingredients, yet you can tack on more if you like.  It was my first time making these and I was quite pleased with the outcome.  They are perfect for cheese or whatever it is you like to put on crackers.  Feel free to include any herbs you wish.  For this particular recipe I used some fresh thyme from my garden.  Rosemary sounds like a good alternative as well.

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