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Tomato Sauce

One of my staple batch cooking recipes happens to be my homemade tomato sauce. It's the absolute simplest recipe, with just 4 ingredients, and I'm certain to make enough to freeze so it's always on hand. The finished product can be converted into multiple sauces and soups. When serving it over pasta I typically only add crushed red pepper. When making an eggplant parmesan I've been known to also include some Italian seasoning to transform it into a sauce with more depth. 

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Burrata Caprese Salad

Who doesn't love a great caprese salad? They're simple and easy to make and if you get your hands on some fresh ripe heirloom tomatoes you're golden! These salads are one of my favorites in the Summer months when tomatoes are abundant and chock-full of pure sweetness. Now, when you pair them with a creamy burrata cheese you're talking a whole new realm of deliciousness. 

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