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Soba Noodle Stir Fry

This one-wok-wonder takes just 15 minutes to make and is so damn delicious. It’s nothing like the boring, strictly soy stir-fries you’re used to. This one packs a punch with pungent and spicy garlic, ginger, paprika, sesame and cayenne. Get creative and enjoy it tonight!
Oh, and don’t miss the “why” behind using soba noodles over regular ones. They’re a powerhouse.

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Carrots. What image comes to mind when you hear the word? Most of us think of the color orange. Now take a moment to visualize carrots on a plate. Are they purple carrots cooked whole and slathered in butter? Or do you envision raw orange baby carrots on a platter with other veggies usually found at parties? For most of us, the latter is what our mind conjures up. It's typical. We often choose the most convenient option when shopping at the market.

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Pho Sure!

What the pho?! The proper pronunciation of this popular Vietnamese soup is "fuh", not "foe".

I think pho has to be my ultimate favorite soup. I just came back from a month in Vietnam where I motorbiked the entire country and tasted pho from Saigon all the way to Hanoi. My favorite was found streetside not far outside Saigon en route to Mui Ne. The spices used in that one in particular had me licking up the very last drop, literally.

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Tomato Sauce

One of my staple batch cooking recipes happens to be my homemade tomato sauce. It's the absolute simplest recipe, with just 4 ingredients, and I'm certain to make enough to freeze so it's always on hand. The finished product can be converted into multiple sauces and soups. When serving it over pasta I typically only add crushed red pepper. When making an eggplant parmesan I've been known to also include some Italian seasoning to transform it into a sauce with more depth. 

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