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Being that I’m half Cuban and spent most of my life eating the delicious delicacies the island has to offer, it’s about time that I post a dish from the enchanted country I’ve yet to lay eyes on.  Platanos are a typical side dish served up either sweet or savory.  This particular dish is made using the green plantain before it goes through the ripening process.

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Massaged Kale Salad

Salad seems to be a "go-to" item for people attempting to eat clean and healthy. The problem with salads is that you typically can't prepare them in advance due to wilting and the unfortunate sogginess that occurs when you add other items to wet lettuce. Fortunately, there is a salad that doesn't just withstand the preparation process but actually enhances in flavor and texture as it sits, for days... This massaged kale salad is very simple and nutrient dense. 

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