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Chicken Garam Masala

Who doesn't like a little ethnic variety in the kitchen to spice things up? Perhaps some Indian flare with added benefits. Garam masala is a blended mix of 10-30 ground spices used in North Indian cuisine. It packs plenty of health promoting benefits and is known as a “warming” blend in the Ayurvedic sense as it aids in digestion and detox while preventing cancer and more. This chicken garam masala recipe will make your mouth water before biting into it.

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English Peas with Mushroom and Sage Sauce

Now, I don’t know about you but this girl craves pasta sometimes!
I was at the store and saw fresh English peas which immediately made me think of tossing them over some pasta with mushrooms in a light savory sauce.  I don’t know where these cravings come from but when I have them I just roll with it.  I’ve also been trying to come up with creative ways to use sage as I have a beautiful purple sage plant in the kitchen that's screaming to be used.

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