I have a love for international foods, but my Greek food repertoire has been limited to tzatziki sauce and lamb kabobs for far too long. It’s time to try something new — enter, the dolma.

I usually prepare a rice-like dish as a side when meal prepping. After a couple servings I get bored which is what inspired this dolma recipe. This version of dolmas is made using swiss chard. I figure you could use just about any leaf, and I love chard, so why not? Serve warm or cold with a drizzle of tzatziki or tahini sauce. Eat as a side dish or alone for a snack.

Flavor Options

You can achieve many different flavor dolmas. Add any seasoning of your choice — I chose harissa and fresh dill. Also, feel free to add fresh herbs, something sweet like raisins, shredded protein like beef… Really, you’re only limited by your imagination. The best dolmas I’ve ever eaten were served hot with minced meat and topped with a béchamel sauce. Talk about delicious.


10 chard leaves
2 cups rice (pre-made)
fresh dill
harissa seasoning
salt to taste


Clean chard with cold water. Remove thick portion of the stems from the leaves and discard.
Boil water in a medium pot and pour into a baking dish.
Blanch chard in water and allow to soften and turn bright green about 2 mins. Immediately place in ice water to halt the cooking process. Dry and set aside.
Season rice however you wish.
Place a chard leaf on a cutting board and add the stuffing. Delicately fold the bottom side over, then each of the ends. Finish by rolling upward toward the further end until secured.
Place finished dolmas in a container lined with olive oil so they don’t stick.